The Toasters Story...

Enes Huskic immigrated to America from Bosnia in 1996. It didn’t take him long to realize that he enjoyed working in the food industry around Salt Lake City. So much so that in June of 2002 Enes fulfilled his dream by taking over a store front location at 151 West and 200 South. This became the original Toasters location.

That first store was a small five table shop focused on selling grilled, panini-style sandwiches of Enes’ own design. The sandwiches were made with locally baked bread, fresh vegetables and quality meats and cheeses. It did not take long for the popularity of his unique sandwiches to spread throughout Salt Lake’s downtown work force. With a focus on the freshest ingredients and friendly customer service, the lines to get one of his sandwiches grew longer and longer. Toasters was a success.

Not long after opening the 200 South location Enes met his future wife Mubera. Using Enes’ sandwiches as the cornerstone of their business, they worked together to bring a European approach to an American standard – the corner sandwich shop.

Over a decade has passed since the first Toasters sandwich was sold. Since then, Enes and Mubera have grown Toasters into four of the valley’s finest deli locations offering locally roasted coffee and breakfast items, European candies and of course, the freshest gourmet sandwiches available.

As Toasters has grown, so has the Huskic family. Enes, Mubera, Denis and Alisa hope that you have an opportunity to stop by one of the Toasters stores and enjoy some of the food they are so proud to offer Salt lake City.

The people that make Toasters special, our dedicated team!